Craftsman 175cc OHV self propelled Land Mower

self propelled land mower-red

self propelled land mower

Let the rear-wheel drive of the machine do all the work. Self-propelled lawn mowers only need a gentle nudge to move into the direction you want to mow. Choose between cutting widths of 20 inches and 54 inches. When you pick an electric or battery-operated model, you do not even have to worry about mixing the gasoline and oil mixture that traditional mowers demand. Of course, for the ultimate in grass-cutting technology, check out robotic rechargeable mowers. These small machines quietly cut the grass while you do whatever strikes your fancy. Relax while your mower does the hard work for you.

Equipment Specifications

Name Land Mower
Make/Model Craftsman 175cc OHV Briggs and Stratton
Rentals/Month 23000
Country Kenya
Location Nakuru