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Forklifts are powerful, heavy-duty electric lift trucks that are used to lift and move materials such as crates, containers, and other equipment for short distances.Forklifts are mostly used on construction sites and in a warehouse.

On the construction site, they are used to carry heavy loads like lumber, bricks, steel beams and other heavy items that ordinarily would’ve been too difficult to move by human hands alone, and ferry them to other parts of the construction site. They are also called upon to relieve equipment-laden trucks of their burden and place it in a storage facility, or carry them to their destinations. Forklifts are also called upon to carry the troughs of mortar that the masons will need to lay the bricks.

In a warehouse, materials are constantly being move around. Most of the activity is focused around the loading and unloading of trucks. A forklift’s design also makes them excellent machines for stacking and unstacking boxes and crates. Forklifts extreme maneuverability means that they also fit into small spaces to retrieve cargo.

Millions of tons of products and equipment enter Australia through our ports every year. To say that the operation is large would be an understatement. Yet, without forklifts, the smooth operation of our ports would grind to a halt. Forklifts are an integral part of a huge network of machinery that makes up a port’s operations. The forklift serves as an intermediary between the giant cranes, warehouses, and trucks. Everything from appliances to furniture will have been either loaded or unloaded using a forklift.

The forklift is indeed a powerful and versatile piece of machinery. Their lift capacity is extraordinary and their maneuverability makes ideal for a number of industries, many of which would cease to exist, or continue to operate with extreme difficulty without them.

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