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Avery (East Africa) Limited is a Pan African company that  has consistently remained as the largest supplier of weighing equipment in East Africa to date. Over the years, the company has continuously diversified its activities and product offering due to the strong aftermarket support with a key focus on power and infrastructure.

De Lage Landen (DLL)DLL is a UK based leasing company with global presence. They are one of the largest leasing companies in the UK and have been in the industry for more than 40 years.
SREISREI is based in India with global presence as well. They are India’s largest Equipment Service Provider and a pioneer in Equipment renting and Equipment banking services.
Schmitz CargobullsCargobulls is a German trailer company with the dominant market share across Europe where they have 9 factories and 28% market share.
AchelisAchelis is an established German trading company founded in 1826 with roots all over the world.

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