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Dear Editor,

I am writing to inform you about a potential news event that I thought might interest you.  There will be a Handover of tractors to Transmara Sugar millers, which will be held at the Transmara Sugar Company Limited (TSCL) compound in Kilgoris on Thursday 14th April 2016 at 2:00PM. The media is therefore invited to cover the story.

The main highlight being the launch of Tractors (Tinga) leasing program across 7 countries in Africa. Renting of tractors is now the big thing in the Sugar industry because of its cost savvy and convenience.  The lease program has helped companies ease their cash flows. I am sure that the Eastern and Central Africa leasing Market Leaders being present will also give a gist of the extent of their services and benefits that might be of benefit to you in your future feature stories/news of the industry.

The Tinga lease solution program is America’s USAID and OIKOCREDIT supported.

Quipbank Trust Limited and Tata Africa Holdings Limited have partnered to supply farming equipment to Transmara Sugar Company Limited. Quipbank through its product dubbed Tinga is leasing 11 units of John Deere tractors to Transmara Sugar millers. TSCL has opted for leasing as it new business model to increase its tractor fleet and escalate the overall growth of its business. The sugar miller joins other key players that have adopted the assets leasing policy in the quest to strengthen its position in regional growth markets. The move is a reflection of a strategy that focuses on growing the sugar industry to meet the skyrocketing market demand. This is a significant step towards achieving the group’s declared objective of becoming an emerging market player in the region.

TSCL chose the Tinga Lease Solution as it will help them save money and reduce their operations cost by at least 30%.  The tractors maintenance will be handled by John Deere while insurance among other services will be handled by Tinga. The leased tractors will reduce the cost of hauling the canes. The Tinga solution that shall see Kenyan sugar industry grow and fill the import quota. With such affordable equipment from Tinga issues like delayed cane harvesting will no longer be a problem and farmers will benefit greatly.

Upcoming and established industries that engage in large scale production opt for leasing because it helps them obtain mass equipment with ease which in turn eases and accelerates the production process. Instead of spending lots of time and resources scouting for one type of equipment from multiple organizations, through leasing, one can easily acquire a range of equipment at rental/lease one stop shop like QuipBank since there’s a provision for variety of equipment from various dealers.


When is the best time to double check with you to confirm your attendance?  
Thank you.

For further details and updates please Contact me; Jared Oundo, Corporate Communications – VAELL, Email:jared.oundo@vaell.com, Cell: +254 719408244/0774408244

About QuipBank

Quipbank Trust Limited (QB) is a short term rental firm established in 2014 as a subsidiary company to Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL), a leading independent leasing firm in the region.

QB stores and rents /sales out idle equipment on behalf of the owners through a shared resource use economic model. Further we deal with disposal of ex-lease as well as new dealer based equipment. Our clients include contractors, farmers, county governments as well as corporate entities.


Vehicle and equipment leasing limited (VAELL) is the market leader in asset leasing, maintenance and consulting in Eastern and Central Africa region. It has presence in the auto mobile, healthcare, mining, agricultural, telecommunication, construction, gas and oil sector. It has managed to diversify and expand its portfolio by offering customized solutions to suit every client’s requirement and need. In 2014 VAELL won the award for the Best in Transport, in the Top 100 KPMG/Business Daily survey, and 2015 shot into Club 101 in the same survey.



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